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Die Kunst der Reduktion – der Pianist Yonathan Avishai

"Parade" heißt das großartige zweite Album der Band Modern Times um den Pianisten Yonathan Avishai

„I always felt comfortable playing less. In the beginning it wasn’t even a choice. It even came from my technical limits. I am not a very virtousic pianist. It’s hard for me playing fast“.

"Through the years and through the Modern Times-project I was using those limits as a tool and a quality. It’s a cliché, but when you have less elements than every element has more importance". 

"I didn’t study a lot, to be honest. But Arnie Lawrence was an important figure. He brought a lot of that authentic feel and tradition from New York to Israel. He was focussing on the spirit of the music and not so much the technics and on theory".

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